Under the Radar: 200 indy games


under the radar indy games

Underrated Indy Games è una compilation di 200 video di giochi indipendenti free che non sono stati recensiti sui principali siti specializzati.

Una maratona di quasi otto ore per vederli tutti, ma i concetti di gameplay presenti dentro a ciascuno di essi rappresentano una boccata d'ossigeno per qualunque designer.

Ecco la lista completa

1: Fire Fight! [Jonny Smeby]
2: Nightveil [Norihiro Ozaki]
3: Gravtech [tijitdamijit & lo_lord]
4: Plumberboy [Mazoliin]
5: Super Mega Awesome Dude [Legendary]
6: Dark Tower [Dark Castle Software]
7: The Hanrahan Game-Final Mix [Robert Edwar...
8: You Can't Possibly Expect Me To Do That ...
9: BlasterMan vs YellowSkull [Alexitrón]
10: Nasty [Nick Gregory]
11: Ramuh-Shmoo [Sophie Houlden]
12: Rainbow Sugar Go! [masterfulcat]
13: Super Boink-O-Doink [Lazreal]
14: Theseus and the Maze [Joep Aben]
15: Bombing Room [Arvi Teikari]
16: Forgotten Sky [Dynamite Bananas]
17: Click Copter [The Games Page]
18: Koda [Daniel Moreno]
19: Cruser [Fawful]
20: Hatman [Bibin]
21: Emergency Christmas Dash [Zi-Xiao Liang]
22: Free Ice Cream [Brian van Bruggen + vari...
23: Earthbound Holiday Adventure [Darklink570]
24: Plobb! [nothing]
25: Gear World [sir Xemic]
26: Mr. Splode and the Fireworks Factory [Le...
27: Surphasm [Oddwarg]
28: TI em Up [Georg Rottensteiner]
29: Shoot, I Got Abducted! [Ben Chandler]
30: Wriggle [Calsoft]
31: Monster Pop [Tadashi Blossom]
32: Black and Red [Supercasey]
33: Onwards Jetpack [Malec2b]
34: Creature [Dip]
35: Cayanne Pepper [Montague]
36: Cripple Apocalypse [Jacob Waldemar Buczy...
37: Sessions 3 [Sapsuker]
38: Helium Floating Object Engage Combat [Be...
39: Wootman [Incinerated Games]
40: Gungirl [Paul Schneider]
41: Xycle [David Scatliffe]
42: Shifter The Game [Shifter]
43: Peetoo's Revenge [Nic Destefano]
44: Super Awesome Adventure Extreme [Nick Kr...
45: Chimpventure [Noel and Liam Berry]
46: Rail [James Hooks]
47: Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysterie...
48: Roly Poly Pumpkin: And the Totem of Myst...
49: Rockit [Andrew McCluskey]
50: Don't Go Right [Jayenkai]
51: Teenage Mutant Ninja Puppets [Hikey]
52: M3 - Molesting the Match-3 Market [Petri...
53: Cat Factory [Chuchino]
54: Last Defender [Miguel Perez]
55: Shards [Jeroen Stout]
56: I Love You [Ohahaha]
57: The Sad, Sad Tale of Finnsworth [Francis...
58: Coldgearz [Andy Hamm]
59: Mage-X [Hellbound]
60: Deep Magic [Excalibur]
61: Lily [Hayo van Reek]
62: Nitro Butts [Tomas Pettersson]
63: Kaiser Kitty [Glen Forrester]
64: Zen Bondage [Moppi Productions]
65: Super Fun Dungeon Run [Arthur Lee]
66: Space Cry [Matt94]
67: Mr. Pratt's Haunted Mansion [Bouncing Fo...
68: Lone Warrior [Jetro Lauha]
69: Zone Runner [Chris Street]
70: Liquisity [Vertigo Games]
71: Really Shooter + Cleaning Lady [Joel Nys...
72: Soldexus [Pneophen]
73: Building Panic [Yamada No Ana Project]
74: Afterlife 2 - Rickard's Journey [RjB Sof...
75: Raimond EX [Theodolite]
76: Booloid [Mark Essen]
77: Attack of the Robot Cats from Mars [Chri...
78: Xochitl [Polystyrene Man]
79: Aeronuts [Abstauber]
80: Saru ga Daisuki [Jonatan Söderström]
81: Pingwin [Tuukka Virtanen]
82: Shuttle 2 [Jordan Browne]
83: Ichor [Soylent Software]
84: Pleurghburg: Dark Ages [Chrille Blomqvist]
85: Glace [Tommy Visic]
86: Betasuppe [mjau]
87: Funk Jumpa [Darthlupi]
88: Albero and the Great Blue Emblem [Chris ...
89: Wave Goodbye [Tommy Preger]
90: Lacewing [Linley Henzell]
91: Dogfighter [Jabberwock]
92: The Flame Game [Dave Reed]
93: Brave Honey Bee [Grickmin]
94: Akasa [Gibbon Games]
95: Ziletta [Kapolab]
96: Crystal Towers [David K Newton]
97: Staroid [Tom Beaumont]
98: Modnar SSOB [QOG]
99: The Happy Fun Game [darkyoshi]
100: Explorium [Razzberries]
Descension [Charlie Ngo / R.J Strader / John...
Reach For It [Noel Berry]
Mountain of Debt [Svampson // Frankie Smile ...
Terrible Tiny Traps [Alan Hazelden]
Kee Bo Ard [James Gamble]
Wrapple [Nick Carney]
String [David Scatliffe]
Robot and UFO [Astro Port]
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Orbs [Legendary]
Christmas Island [Chris Street]
Dry Voices: who are you? [Droqen]
Isles of Color [Jonathan Whiting]
Folly [masterfulcat]
Krebswelte [Jonathan Söderström]
Mountainer [Amidos]
Alien Artifact [Lexaloffle]
Abomination [William Dyce]
Twitch-Dash [Jonny Smeby]
The Moonkeeper [Ben Pettengill]
Seraphim Flame [Robert Edward Hoani Bryson]
Runnerby [Alejandro Grilli J]
The Night Before Christmas [Sokurah]
Alien Gunner [The Games Page]
Keylugger [Leon Arnott]
Syntix [Volker Stepprath]
Bomb Detective [John Baker]
Passifism 2 [Nonsuch Games]
Square [Etienne Perin]
Atlantis - Battle for the Pacific [Cyberdash]
Tijital Ocean [Tijital-games]
Chick chaser [Aussie]
Dungeon Dash [Andrew Sum + Jess Bowers]
Robotic Renegade Rabbit [Gideon Simons]
Globotwars [Calsoft]
Sling [Zack Banack]
For the Treasure [Alexitrón]
Santaman and his Iced Muffins [Hayo Van Reek]
When It Rains [ Scott Watson / Gordon King /...
Snakes and Snakes [Chuchino]
Abandoned [Joep Aben]
Jon Lovitz 3 [???]
Step Off [Andrew Morrish]
Made of Mirrors [Damian Sommer]
This Game [Montague]
Frozen Swimmer [Daniel Remar]
Conquer The Shadow World [Sebastian Janisz]
Extranaut [Matthew Fister]
You Have To Go Down The Hole [Sergio Cornaga]
Robbing the Princess [OneDollar]
CrissCross [Dineyin]
Spees Kwalas [Brian van Bruggen]
Corpse Snake [Ruari O Sullivan]
Omnicron [Johnny B]
Viking Bazooka Bloodbath [Brian Soulliard]
Hatman 2 [Michael J. Moffitt]
Professor Neely And The Death Ray Of Doom [N...
bullet.collect [Kevin Oke]
Sewers [Andrew Brophy + Andy Wolff]
Cave [Peter Lu]
Tower of Mankind [Leonardo Millan]
Love [Hubol Gordon]
Guru-Guru Neko [Yoshio Ishii]
Mulder's Totally Bogus Rabbit Journey [Kyle ...
Battletrack [Robbert Prins]
Space Mass [Darshell]
Dokaoni [Yamada no Ana]
Moon Invaders [Mike Hommel]
Orbital Snake [Ryan J. Bury]
Starman [Glen Forrester]
You Can't Possibly Expect Me To Do That! 2 [...
The Legend of Super Grapple [Dave Reed]
God's Watch [Joe Waller]
Jump Alone [Stephen Orlando]
SohoPogoHo [Andrew McCluskey]
Bunnies, Back Into Your Cage [Friedrich Hani...
Cycle [Matt Rix]
Equilibrium [Benn Powell]
Circle Rider [Spydog]
Burgle [Matthew Klundt]
Super Pig [Mikolaj 'Sos' Kaminski]
Platform Swapstorm [Steven Circuiton + Colin...
45 Guys 1 Brain [Armel J. Gibson]
Slipstream [Ian Snyder]
Hadegonia [trq]
The Ascent (Of Golden Boy) [The Game Studio]
The Day Machine [Luke William Brown]
The Corporate Adventures of Mr. Mask [Mound ...
Hive [Brent Silby]
Vampire Jetpack [Alec Stamos]
Tennis Practice [Justin Smith / Ola Rogula]
Groundskeeper [orangepascal]
Torch [Alex Larioza]
Subterania [Viloen]
Connects [Erik Leppen]
60 Seconds Burger Run [whileworking]
Morton's Mortality [Evil Mouse Studios]
Soul Jelly [ MUFFINS / The Chaos Engine / AA...
Dig Dig Bit Fury [1-2-3 Blast On!]
A Tale About Life, Death and a Looser [Sebas...
Typesphere [Stephen Lavelle]

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