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pubblica una delle liste di più lunghe siti che contengono fonts disponibili attualmente in rete:

urbanfonts, DaFONT, Simply the Best Fonts, abstractfonts, Font Paradise, 1001, FontFace,, Manfred Klein, Dieter Steffman, dincTYPE, Misprinted Type, SMeltery, Fuelfonts Type Foundry, Fenotype, font-o-ville, ShyFonts, TypePhases Design, Larabie Fonts, FontReactor, Blue Vinyl Fonts, Jeff's Fonts, Fonthead Design, Harold's Fonts, Grilledcheese, Maniackers, Third Company, Eutypoce, Flop Design | Fonts, Lovedesign, Fontscape, Gray Graphics, ZETUEI, GAU+, Petitboys, Sega Act Select, C-font, Designer's High, World Of Famous Fonts, Famous Fonts, Fontennium, A4 | Type, Font Diner, Cape-Arcona, Polenimschaufenster, i2Design, Zone Erogene,, Astramat, Shamrocking, Sci-Fi Fonts, Blackletter Revival, Typewriter Fonts,, Dingbat Depot, Astigmatic One Eye, TarmSaft Fonts, Powers, Font Freak, High Fonts, TypeNow, Font Mania, Wanted Fonts, Disturbed Type, Fontmonster, io grafix, Pavlovfoundry, Phantompower, Snail Fonts, COM4t, the Dingbat pages, Chank, Blambot!, Divide by Zero,, PizzaDude!, Pirates & Fonts, Casady & Greene, Beaufonts, flow14, Fontourist, Fonts & Things

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the league of moveable type
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font river
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