npm package manager
NPM è il modo più semplice per distribuire codice javascript per node.js.

What Is Node.js?
Browser VS Server
How to Install Node
The Node REPL
Source Code
Modules Setup, First Module, Alternative Syntax
Mind Grenade
Built-In Module Intro
Os Module
Path Module
Fs Module (Sync), Fs Module (Async)
Sync Vs Async
Http Intro, Http Module (Setup), Http Module (More Features)
NPM Info, NPM Command
First Package, Share Code
Uninstall, Global Install, Package-Lock.Json
Important Topics Intro
Event Loop, Event Loop Slides, Event Loop Code Examples
Async Patterns - Blocking Code, Setup Promises, Refactor To Async, Node's Native Option
Events Info, Events Emitter - Code Example, Additional Info, Http Module Example
Streams Intro, Read File, Additional Info, Http Example
End Of Node Tutorial Module
HTTP Request/Response Cycle, Http Messages
Starter Project Install, Overview
Http Basics, Http - Headers, Http - Request Object, Http - Html File, Http - App Example
Express Info, Express Basics, Express - App Example, Express - All Static
JSON Basics
Params, Query String - Setup
Route Params
Params - Extra Info
Query String
Additional Params And Query String Info
Middleware - Setup
Multiple Middleware Functions
Additional Middleware Info
Methods - GET, POST, POST (Form Example), POST (Javascript Example)
Install Postman
Methods - PUT, DELETE
Express Router - Setup, Controllers

Node.js and Express.js - Full Course

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