Eyecandy - Riprese Cinematografiche


Eyecandy - Visual Technique Library è un sito che raccoglie esempi di tutte le tecniche di ripresa cinematografica ovvero: animation, architexture, arc movement, aspect ratio switch, breakdown, camera roll, camera shake, cinemagraph, close-up, collage, conveyor, crash zoom, cross dissolve, datamosh, digital gesture, dolly, dolly zoom, double dolly, double exposure, dream core, drone, duplication, dutch angle, fisheye, fixed camera, flash cut, forced perspective, fourth wall, freeze frame, generative, glitch, ground level, handheld, high-angle, hyperlapse, infinite zoom, kaleidoscope, kintsugi, lazy susan, lens whacking, light painting, liminal, locked-on, long take, low-angle, mannequin, masking, match cut, match split, mcu, mirror cam, mixed media, morphing, nerfs, object portal, overhead, panning, parallax, pedestal shot, photogrammetry, pixel art, pov, profile shot, projections, psychedelic, quick cuts, rack focus, reflections, scale shift, screen in screen, set transition, shadow box, silhouette, slit scan, slow motion, snorricam, split diopter, split screen, spotlight, step printing, stop motion, stylistic suck, super zoom, surrealism, synthwave, tilt, tilt shift, timelapse, tiny planet, tracking, transition roll, trucking, two-shot, typography, vhs, voyeur, whip pan, wide shot, wipe, zoetrope, zoom.

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