(una specie di youtube dove la gente trasmette le sue partite e gli altri guardano) ha avuto un successo esagerato, ma di fatto è un servizio quasi inutile. Meglio giocare no ? fa la stessa cosa ma con dei programmatori che si cimentano in diretta con il codice nei loro livestreams.

I professionisti quindi svevano i loro tool, i loro trucchi e, soprattutto, il loro modo di pensare ed affrontare i problemi. Una vera manna per imparare il più rapidamente possibile a fare una cosa così complessa come programmare.


Introduction to Computer Science and Programming: MIT (…)
Intensive Introduction to Computer Science: Harvard (…)
Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Methodology: Stanford (…)
Programming Abstractions (Second Course in Unit): Stanford (
Mathematics for Computer Science: MIT (…)
Discrete Mathematics: ArsDigita (…)


Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms: UNSW (
Introduction to Algorithms: MIT (…)
Operating Systems and Systems Programming: Berkeley (
Programming Paradigms: Stanford (
Computer Architecture: Carnegie Mellon (
Fundamentals of Computer Networking: Manhattan College (
Introduction to Data Communications: Thammasat University (
Introduction to Cryptography: Ruhr University (


Building Dynamic Websites: Harvard (
Advanced Data Structures: MIT (…)
Computer System Engineering: MIT (…)
Principles of Programming Languages: IIT (…)
Introduction to IT Security: Thammasat University (…)
Security and Cryptography: Thammasat University (
Bilinear Pairings in Cryptography: BIU (…)
iPhone Application Development: ITU (
Android Application Development: ITU (
Artificial Intelligence: HRW (
Artificial Intelligence: Berkeley (…)
Computer Graphics: Berkeley (
Statistics and Probability: Harvard (
Probabilistic Systems Analysis and Applied Probability: MIT (…)

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