Spelunky - Il Libro

Spelunky the book
Spelunky - the book, scritto direttamente dall'autore Derek Yu, è ora parte di una collana di libri di approfondimento su alcuni dei giochi cardine della cultura videoludica, come ad esempio: EarthBound, Chrono Trigger, Galaga, Jagged Alliance 2, Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid, Baldur's Gate II e Super Mario Bros. 2.

This is an excerpt from the Spelunky book

Spelunky, a Book by Derek Yu
Spelunky, il gioco
Derek Yu

"Maybe the best primer on game design ever written." - Zach Gage

"Seriously, if you have any interest in game design or development, get this book." - Rami Ismail

Quite possibly the best book about game design ever written.” - Chris Furniss

"Spelunky might be our Understanding Comics." - Adam Saltsman

"Derek Yu's book is my favorite writing on game design - maybe making ANY art - ever." - Adam Conover

"A fascinating tour of [Spelunky's] inner workings. [...] Coming from a developer who’s crafted one of the most intriguing, influential releases of the last decade, [the book is an] insightful look at how something so obsession-worthy comes together." - A.V. Club

"Well-written and humble throughout, the book humanizes a game that many developers and fans see as an unreachable pinnacle of minimalist design brilliance." - Destructoid

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